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Techno record label VETTWERK is based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The label was founded by Jos Postma. The label is mainly focusing on techno, the Peaktime / Driving style. The goal of VETTWERK is to spread quality techno music, and help/promote upcoming DJ/Producers.

Want to send your demo to us?

Guidelines | Policy:

  1. Only send your best tracks which are fully mastered and ready;
  2. Make sure your tracks are original and do not contain copyrighted samples;
  3. Only send Private Soundcloud Playlists;
  4. Minimum quality of tracks is MP3 in 192 kbps + download option is enabled;
  5. You agree that the tracks might be used in livesets and/or DJ sets;
  6. Maximum of 5 tracks per demo submission;

Thanks you for understanding

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